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Each issue is treated as a collectible by our loyal subscribers. Never thrown away and always passed down to future generations of automotive enthusiasts.

No other publication can you give lifetime exposure of your company and brand.

Celebrate the immortal spirit of car culture with us.

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CARtoons Magazine is the #1 source for car culture humor. Nowhere else will you find a magazine that celebrates the immortal spirit of car culture packed with amazing automotive-related stories that are kid-friendly and appealing to our lifetime fans.

Our demographic is automotive enthusiasts young & old.

Our magazine is one-of-a-kind.

We include our advertisers in the magazine unlike any other magazine available.

The iconic CARtoons Magazine is the most recognized automotive related comic book magazine on the market with loyal readers of all ages and genders worldwide. CARtoons Magazine has a history of being a highly recognizable and an iconic collectible comic book magazine for nearly 60 years which features fresh new auto-related stories, articles and poster inserts by the world’s top automotive CARtists.


Readers tend to collect every issue of CARtoons and share with their friends, family & even the youth of today. CARtoons is truly a unique format where your advertisement will last for decades!  It’s a definite win-win for your company as each issue becomes a high demand collectible and not your typical throw-away magazine.


CARtoons is available to order in over 6500 comic book shops worldwide and has a constantly growing home reader subscription base.


Besides Subscribers and Comic Book Shops, our website sells 1500 copies of our own of each issue printed as back issues and they continue to sell daily.

 Some advertisements options we have will include appearing on our website, our Facebook Page (over 41K + followers) and our Instagram Page (over 13.3K followers) during the magazine’s newsstand shelf life that your Ad is featured in.




Advertising Space available in Full Color:


  • Back Cover (x1 per issue) (includes product/service placement in one of our comic strips)
  • Inside Covers or Back of Poster Insert (x4 per issue) (includes product/service placement in one of our comic strips)
  • Full Page (x6 per issue)
  • Half Page (x4 per issue)
  • Quarter Page (x6 per issue)
  • Eighth Page (x10 per issue)


Additional Options:


  • Product/Service Placement for your products/services in our stories
  • You (or company associates) appearing as a character in one of our stories
  • DELUX: A story written around your company
  • Ask about our “Brochure Issue” advertising edition (A 24 page brochure based on your company alone)


5,500 copies distributed!

Over 3500 CARtoons Subscribers and growing!

For sale in over 6500 comic book shops worldwide!

Be featured in the magazine!

When you purchase a full page inside or back cover advertisement spot, we will feature your company, product or service in one of our comic strips! We also have other options for featuring your company within CARtoons Magazine, please contact us for details.

Celebrities Featured in CARtoons!

We have had the privilege to feature some of the most iconic automotive celebrities in our magazine.

advertisers, Supporters & Featured Guests

Single Issue Advertising

We have plenty of options available to match your budget ranging from quarter-page to full-page advertising spots. Partner with CARtoons Magazine and immortalize your company!

1-Year advertising

Building brand awareness requires repetitive communication. Our one-year advertising packages have a wide range of options to match your yearly marketing budget. Take a look!